Do you ever come in to the shop and stare at the shelves, not knowing where to start or what to get? Let us help! We decided to start up staff picks at Square Beverage. Each of us will pick a different product we love each month, and write a little bit about it. That way you can see what we like, and maybe find something new that you’ll love!

Steven: Domaine Roger Perrin Cuvée 2014 Vieilles Vignes

image2 (1)

This is the perfect dinner wine! This Grenache-Syrah- Mouvedre blend from Cotes-du-Rhone pairs well with pretty much any meat dish you could think of! Nice red and black fruit flavors, mixed with pepper, light tobacco, and a rich, lingering finish make this bottle one you won’t soon forget!

Alex: Famille Gonnet La Josephine Vacqueyras

image1 (3)

Hailing from the Southern Rhone Valley, Famille Gonnet wines are a hidden gem among a crowded growing region. I had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Gonnet and learning about her kids and husband and how everyone is involved in the business. Her children assist in everything from picking grapes to putting the labels on the wines. It is a very family-oriented winery with a passionate focus on sustainability.

The wine opens up with aromas of figs, leather, and blackberries. The tannins are soft and elegant with a nice complexity of red fruits and spice on the finish.

For an extra treat pair this with barbecue pork or a gourmet pizza!


Joe: Tommy Knocker Green Chile Beer

image4 (1)

This lager is light and drinkable with just the right amount of green chile spice to make this a go-to even on a warm day! It sits at 5.3% ABV so it is perfect for those end of summer get-togethers! 

Morgan: Anderson Valley Briney Melon Gose

image3 (1)

This thirst-quenching beer has the perfect amount of tart (almost sour) and watermelon combination. There is no question that the fruitiness of the watermelon is natural.

This beer has a dry finish with just a hint of sea salt. No summer afternoon is perfect without it!

Mark: Ecliptic Starburst IPA

image5 (1)

Like its name this Northwest inspired IPA is a burst of citrus and piney flavors. Combined with a smooth finish, this is an Oregonian beer that you will definitely want to come back for again and again.


Mike: Pavão Vinho Verde Branco “The Porch Pounder”

image6 (1)

We featured the Pavão Vinho Verde in a tasting about a month ago and it’s one that I’ve been excited about since. With citrus, peach, and green fruit on the nose followed by tasting notes of fresh cut grass, citrus, and apricot, this wine is a perfect “porch pounder”.

If you pair this wine, and its slight bubbly character, with light aperitif, fruits, and light meats, then you are sure to be a summer BBQ crowd favorite!


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