Rosé All Day

The New U.S Craze

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By: Steven Skorupa

It’s the middle of the summer, and hotter than usual, so people have been looking for something refreshing to drink. From lighter beers to citrusy cocktails, there are so many different types of drinks to have to beat the heat. This summer, however, everybody seems to be going pink. Rosé has popped up in every store and case after case has been flying off the shelves! What caused this sudden shift toward rosé?

First, let’s talk about what makes a rosé.  The color of a wine is determined mainly by how long you leave the grape juice in contact with the skins after pressing them. The longer you leave the skins in contact with the juice, the darker it gets. Leaving the skins in contact with the juices also causes the wine to have a more full body and flavor. With red wine, the skins are in contact with the juice for weeks, making them dark and more full. Rosé is usually only kept in contact for a few days, giving it a pink hue and a fuller fruit flavor.

For the longest time, when people thought of rosé, they thought of a sugary sweet wine for the younger generations “unsophisticated” palate. Brands such as Franzia and Barefoot have produced many sweet roses, which have definitely made a name for themselves in that way. This caused many people to be wary of rosé as a whole, even though super sweet rosé is only a fraction of the entire category.

Over the past couple of years, though, more and more rosés were popping up in stores and restaurants all over. People were getting creative with them, using unusual varietals and combinations. People were adding things such as oak and malolactic fermentation, making the rosé category even broader than it was in the past. These changes are a part of what’s causing this giant shift toward rosé.

Even with all of these developments, rosé has still seemed to only be one of those seasonal specific beverages, being mainly purchased and consumed during the warmer months of the year. That is starting to change. With all the different rosés being sold, more and more people are choosing rosé any time of the year. People are pairing it with food, having it with appetizers and aperitif, etc. (it is a personal favorite Thanksgiving pairing as well).

What do you think about the Rosé craze? Do you think it’s just a fad? Or is rosé something that will stand the test of time? Only time will tell, but while it’s around, I’m going to enjoy it as much as possible! Let us know what you think, and come by the shop to pick up a bottle or two!


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