Wine Folly: The Guide to Wine for Beginners to Experts


By Steven Skorupa

When you first get into the world of wine, it can be a very intimidating thing. With so many styles, flavors, aromas, pairings, etc. where do you even start? There is always the fear of the “snooty sommeliers” who only talk about wine in a pretentious way (though a majority of sommeliers are actually very inviting and encouraging), making it seem impossible to catch up. Wine Folly can make these fears go away.

Wine Folly started in Seattle, Washington in 2011 as a website to help people learn the basics of wine from right at home, so that they can be comfortable learning (and tasting) at home. It was created by Justin Hammack, Madeline Puckette, and Chad Wasser. These friends and wine experts knew what it was like to start out learning about wine, and they knew how overwhelming and intimidating it could be. Their goal was to change that.

I first started learning about wine a couple of years ago. When Square Beverage first opened, I knew the difference between red wine and white wine, but not much else. I knew what I liked (or I thought I did) and I was ready to learn more. The problem was that I had no idea where to begin. I spent most days reading through Wine Folly, learning as much as I possibly could. I tasted many different wines and read about the different varietals and regions, and it completely changed my opinions. There are styles that I had never even heard of that are now some of my  favorites! My palate expanded and I can actually talk about wine knowledgably. It’s amazing the amount of knowledge I have gained about wine in just two years, and I owe a lot of it to Wine Folly. It gave me a way to learn the foundation without being intimidated or overwhelmed. This is the exact reason that Wine Folly was founded.


Their website makes learning about wine accessible to everyone! It’s simple and easy to follow, with great visuals and explanations. It covers topics from what wine is and how it’s made to the perfect pairings for any type of food. It is easy to navigate and very interesting to read! The website was so successful that they created a book that lays it all out for anyone to read. Wine Folly is one of the most essential tools for people who love wine and want to learn more. When you learn the basics and foundations of wine, which they make simple and quick, then you can explore the enormous wine world and everything it has to offer.

You can go on their website to purchase the maps and posters that we have set up around the shop! And you can purchase the book on their website or from us! Come check it out!

wine-descriptions-chart-infographicxImages From

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